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Hand Analysis Database:
Fingerprints, Hand Shapes, Lines
The Six Skills a Hand Reader Needs
Discover and  Live Your Life Purpose
About The Author

Richard Unger, Founder and Director of the International Institute of Hand Analysis, developed the LifePrints system of  analyzing a person’s life purpose from their fingerprints. Over the last 38 years, he has probably talked to more people about their life purpose than any other person on the planet. (more)


Richard Unger is the Founder and Director of the International Institute of Hand Analysis and is one of the foremost authorities on hand analysis in the world today. His unique system of life purpose analysis is the culmination of over thirty years of intensive research including the reading of over 60,000 pairs of hands. Richard has merged his own experience with an exhaustive study of the medical literature on hands and fingerprints (the study of dermatoglyphics) to create a specific and accurate assessment tool that has been useful to businesses, therapists, and individuals.

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