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story time with Richard

Richard Talks about life, hands, writing and more
Recordings sequentially follow the text of HA101
(Links go live as stories are recorded and uploaded)

Richard's Story

Writing This Book
How HA101 is different from every other palmistry book
College readings
Early hand analysis classes
Palmistry research at the 42nd street library
Dermatoglyphic research at the Jessie Jones Medical Library

Saturday Morning at the LP Workshop

  • What Is LP? It is not x,y,z.

  • Practical and specific

  • Brings clarity to life choices

  • Ongoing, journey not destination

  • Objective, life-scale, personal (therefore it is measurable)

  • Defines what is important

  • LP seeks meaning

  • Non-circumstantial (therefore it is available today)

  • Daily practice of attention and intention


Quantum Hand Analysis

  • Ice Skates / Wave, Particle Duality

  • Collapse of the wave function


Skills Chapter

  • Database (Including historic background)

  • Pattern Recognition

  • Combining

  • Threading / Triangulating, an entirely new concept in hand analysis

  • Personality Understanding of Soul Psychology (overview)

  • Communications, an emphasis of HA 101


Fingerprints Chapter

*The importance of story: don’t be like Beethoven’s brother


Axiom One (*)

  • Kate and Axiom One

  • Bob from Boise

  • Jacques Cousteau

  • Ordinary People

  • Robert Redford

  • Colonel Mustard

  • The Cosmic Bar and Grill

  • Gilda, the Prisoner of Love

  • Andrina and Long Division


Axiom Two (*)

  • Monopoly Board

  • Why does Telemachus wash his hands?

  • Character is cumulative

  • Spiders and the Goddess of Love

  • Dora

  • Cecilia


Axiom Three (*)

  • Three Peas in a Pod

  • The snakes


The Four Schools (*)

  • The Mariachi Band

  • Sisyphus meets Miss America

  • Lone Tree on the Plain, Peter Pan from Petaluma

  • The Butterfly: Tom, Camille, Jasper

  • Prufrock

  • The Don Juan of Marin County

  • The Mad Scientist

  • Dust, death, and stale cat food

  • Splash painted bungalow

  • Getting a tan


The Ten Locations (*) 

Right Thumb Story File

  • Nadia         

  • Ken 

  • Ms. Steamroller

  • Creon

  • Eisenstein & Hart, McKinley Road, Az. Man, Kevin

  • La Fuente

  • Wayne’s World

  • Mary Ann and Stuart


  • Worldly Success is relative; are you in the right career?

  • Successful people overcome obstacles.

  • True Success should not lead to The Big Gaping Hole.

  • Sometimes, Worldly Success finds you.

  • There are lots of ways to be Worldly Successful.

  • Manifestation excellence includes detail excellence.

  • Constant negative self-talk is red-flag problematic.

  • Failure can be a doorway into Worldly Success.


Left Thumb Story File

  • Emerald Forest      

  • Mathis

  • Bea

  • Susan

  • Miles

  • Emily

  • Marsha

  • Going Home


  • (M)Patriarchs are in touch with all family members.

  • Family LP can include community, tribe, team, etc.

  • (M)Patriarchs put the needs of the family first.

  • All LPs are about consciousness, not circumstance.

  • Families can be just a bit quirky sometimes. (Always?)

  • Be sure not to give away all of you to join the family.

  • Family, like all LPs, is a process not a destination.

  • Be careful your love does not smother your loved ones.

Right Jupiter Story File

  • Congratulatory Phone Call 

  • Bruce

  • Himalaya

  • The Two Brothers

  • Marion

  • Dodge City

  • The Adams Family

  • Four Mr. Not Enoughs

  • JFK and RFK


  • Fear of success can be just as strong as fear of failure.

  • True power implies the honorable exercise thereof.

  • Many Leaders do not see themselves as such.

  • Power = Zeus’ authority + Hades / Poseidon introspection

  • Vulnerability can be a sign of strength.

  • Conversely, holstering your guns may invite violation.

  • Men and Women of Power have emotional independence.

  • Soul Psychology Self-Doubt has many faces.

  • Self-Doubt, properly managed, can be an incredible asset.


Left Jupiter Story File

  • Amelia Earhart

  • Soap Opera

  • “NO” and “ME” 

  • Guardian Angel Training School


  • Living Your Passions does not mean you are free from the consequences of living your passions.

  • Expressing strong feelings is not always an appropriate form of Living Your Passions.

  • Left Jupiter is all about proper boundaries.

  • Living Your Passions can be obvious or subtle. Either way, you need to be true to your Heart Line type.

Right Saturn Story File

  • Schindler    

  • Shannon Smith, RN

  • Jones Jewelry Store

  • Glove Compartment Exercise

  • Sylvia

  • Jimmy, Joan, Paul, Paula

  • Frieda

  • Buddha from Bloomingdales

  • Bob and Beau

  • Zach and Zelda

  • Dee Dee


  • Dualistic LPs require both oars in the water.

  • Commitment, commitment, commitment

  • LP and LL are about consciousness, not actions taken.

  • Saturn says we should clean up our messes, all of them.

  • Is your life being lived based upon appropriate criteria?

  • Irresponsibility has its price, on you and everyone else.

  • Prosperity includes the willingness to receive.

  • Money, by itself, is neither spiritual nor un-spiritual.

  • Responsibility w/o accountability is not responsibility.

  • Time and money are favorite Right Saturn Issues.

  • Masters of Responsibility admit their wrongdoing.


Left Saturn Story File

  • The Chauffeur

  • Martin Luther King

  • Booker T. Washington

  • Crumb Work

  • Juliet, Hawthorne, Claire

  • Cinderella and Ms. Argentina

  • Dwight Plays Liar’s Poker

  • Can We Talk Turkey?


  • Wise Elders often blossom later in life.

  • A majestic LP requires a majestic life.

  • Another American giant

  • Doing service out of guilt inevitably leads to servitude.

  • Defining emotional integrity

  • Defining emotional self-esteem

  • Saturn can skewer a person’s self-evaluation.

  • Hot Potato is the very definition of LL avoidance.


Right Apollo Story File

  • The Dallas Quarterback

  • Ralph Kramden

  • Janice

  • The Thousand Dollar Tip

  • Quitting the Bolshoi

  • Just Me and the Chairs

  • Marlowe, Oklahoma

  • The Disapproval Rag

  • Charles

  • The Playboy Bunny

  • Leticia



  • Show your true colors; let the chips fall where they may.

  • Vanity, one form of anti-tomato behavior, is universal.

  • Hot Potato is common in Apollo-Land.

  • Putting on airs can be expensive.

  • Artists face daunting challenges being true to their craft.

  • Every Apollo person’s path is strewn with tomatoes.

  • Reputation (a positive Apollo bank account) is priceless.

  • Don’t let disapproval (tomatoes) run your life.

  • Tomato fear has many disguises…

  • And costumes.

  • Even perfection itself cannot protect one from tomatoes.


Left Apollo Story File

  • A Line in the Sand

  • The Jazz Singer

  • Fourteenth Street

  • The Plague Convention

  • The Johnson Trail

  • Caroline


  • Left Apollo integrity is similar to Left Saturn integrity.

  • Be careful of letting other people get their hooks into you.

  • What does it mean to sell out? Selling out is one way to try to get rid of tomato fears—an expensive way at that.

  • Disapproval fear can secretly run a person’s life. 

  • Disapproval is part of every Pioneer’s life path.

  • Dropping your “act” can happen in an instant (or not).

Right Mercury Story File

  • Winston

  • Verena and the Jester

  • Marvin Needs to Solicit

  • Grant Thinks He’s a Thief

  • Cow Eyes

  • Regina


  • Message delivery can take many forms.

  • Difficult communications environments require expertise.

  • Self-Promotion is a Right Mercury Issue.

  • Honesty has its costs.

  • Not Speaking Up can take many forms.

  • If you spoke up, what would you say?


Left Mercury Story File

  • Justin’s Give / Get Ratio

  • Patricia is a Real Magician

  • Harold the Herald


  • Intimate communications are the most common training grounds for Left Mercury Surrender Skills. Lessons here can be obvious or super-subtle.

  • True Communications can have surprising benefits.

  • True Communications often requires opening one’s heart.

Shapes Chapter (*)

  • Earth Stories: Artisan furniture, Marlboro Man, the Lone Ranger

  • Air Stories: Business systems

  • Fire Stories: Rollerblade star, Jimi Hendrix

  • Water Stories: Save the dog, Merrill Lynch event

  • Jupiter Stories: Zeus mythology, the two brothers, Zeus’ furniture

  • Saturn Stories: Saturn symbols, go to the desert island

  • Apollo Stories: Apollo mythology

  • Mercury Stories: Mercury mythology, Red wine on the dinner jacket

  • Mars Stories: Mars mythology

  • Venus Stories: The four tasks of Psyche

  • Moon Stories: Moon mythology, crystal ball in the basement 

  • Philosopher Stories: The bridge builder, Prom year

  • Conic Stories: Princess and the Pea, the Ming vase

  • Pointy Stories: Anti-culturism

  • Elementary Stories: Atlas, the fireman

  • Nice Garden Syndrome: Anastasia

  • Finger Sets: Jessie Owens

  • Finger Zones: Oppenheimer

  • Hand Color, The Martian


Lines Chapter (*)

  • The wheat field

  • Heart Lines: Gina, Clint, Dona, Michael

  • Head Lines: Mr. K.


Line Families

  • Gifts: Beethoven, Marcy and Malcolm (Saturn Star), Darth Vader’s helmet (Star of Mars),

  • Persephone, Octopus Brain

  • HSJs: Sympathy Date (D Fork), Clark Kent Line, Soccer practice (The Ladder), Moving day (Dangling XXX’s), Papa Smith’s lecture (Burden of Expectation),  

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