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what's inside?

Hand Analysis 101 includes the following:

  • Detailed chapters on fingerprints, hand shapes and lines; more detailed than the Year Long  Certification Program

  • Over 6oo full-hand handprints (no other palmistry book does anything like this)

  • Famous hand prints and fingerprints, including:

       Jacques Cousteau, Albert Einstein, Muhammed Ali, Charles Manson, Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindberg, TS Eliot,

       Stephen Hawking, Mark Twain and many more.

For a complete list go Hand Analysis

  • Most importantly, there is a detailed chapter on the six skills a hand reader needs to be effective, plus follow up on these skills, handprint by handprint, throughout the text.

  • Volume Three is a 500-page workbook with commentary on each hand print used in the text plus journal exercises on each of the six skills (chapter by chapter).

  • An 8x5 fourteen-page Quick Study Guide that you can carry with you. It has diagrams and a glossary for every hand shape and line marker covered in the text.


After indexing my entire handprint collection, Hand Analysis 101 took me three years to write, marking the culmination of fifty-one years in hands. I am proud to make it available to you.

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